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Affordable Web Site Pricing

Web Site Design

Our Basic Starter Page for £299 including VAT

  1. Single page to match your brand colour.
  2. 1 Domain Name for one year.
  3. 1 Email Account.
  4. 1 year of hosting included.
  5. Google analytics account so you can track your statistics online.
  6. Validated and Tested. So you know it will display on-line reliably.
  7. Web site submission to priority Search Engines.
  8. Optional yearly extension, for a small fee.

Graphic Design

Our Starter Branding Logo is £99.99 including VAT.

  1. Text Based to match your chosen brand colour.
  2. Designed to suit your website.
  3. Delivered in a format or resolution of your choice.

We offer the full a range of graphic design services required on the web.  Perhaps you need a Template or installed Rich media to display items on your site or are you looking for something more sophisticated? Get in touch today and we can discuss your requirements here!

Web Application Development

No two web applications have the same specification and rely on quotation to cover the full cost of a project. As a guide a fully deployed system can vary from a basic system at £2500+VAT to a moderate system of £7500+VAT and upwards for larger and more functionally complex systems such as an international e-commerce web site.

Typical Quotation Structure:

  1. Requirements Capture - Free! What's your business model? We feel that this is the most important part of defining project parameters and allows us to provide an accurate quotation too!
  2. Look and Feel of the site to from a story board selection taken from the requirements capture. Decisions on logos, branding colours and rich media.
  3. Layout and Content of the site information flow and the functions associated with this.
  4. Template Development, Customisation and Configuration to suit the site resources, look and feel and layout and content.
  5. Copy analysis of content with instruction on how to maintain in the future.
  6. Validation and Testing although the site will be developed to W3C standard, not all web browsers render this properly, we have to conjure a few tricks to get some web browsers to play ball!
  7. Search Engine Optimisation to get your site noticed! Otherwise what's the point?
  8. Web Marketing and Analytics to drive visitors to your site.
  9. Administration Training is massively overlooked and fundamental to continued operation of your website.

Affordable Search Engine Optimisation

Whether its a new site or a long established existing website that you have, we can offer a Search Engine Optimisation Service to suit your needs.  Analysis of the current web site performance on-line statistics is the first step and is key to successfully addressing failing SEO performance. Our Startup service of £399+VAT for a maximum of 6 pages SEO will engage all the major SEO techniques and get the ball rolling.

The key to success is constant monthly SEO to maintain or further enhance Search Engine positioning, we can offer a fixed price or the flexibility of an hourly rate service.  We tend not to advise adwords as they are open to a bidding process and although may be affordable to start with and can bring measurable results, they tend to become more expensive with their success.

Contact us today and we will carry out a free appraisal and see what we can do for you.



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Dedicated Management

Web Server Management with ease, business requires dedicated focus, our web space management service allows you to concentrate on your field of expertise.

Web Server Management

Mobile Web Site Design

With 20% of web browsing now viewed through a mobile device, isn't it time you had a Mobile Web Design Strategy?

Make your Web Site IPhone friendly today!


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