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Web Site Localisation and Translation

In a world wide market where English is still the most widely used internet language, it is important not to lose track of the fact that it is only the fifth most widely spoken.  This is largely due to technical shortcomings and the organic growth of the internet, hence this demographic is sure to change over time and we as developers can help you target the website viewers most appropriately in their own language.

Internationalisation as some developers call it, or Translation is a unique discipline because of the language difference posing obvious problems in understanding the written word and tying it to its relevant locale. We have experience in this translation field and can now offer multi-lingual functionality to any of our web applications.  There have been significant advances in the past few years in the software engineering of web applications that allows virtual translation without the need for templating.  In the past this would have imposed significant download speed penalties on the website.

Try the translation function on the top left column of the page which outputs translated text using Google Translate. This function will allow you to target 98% of the internet population. While Google Translate does not translate meaning perfectly across the language spectrum, it does enough to communicate the general essence of what is being described.  The only method where 100% translation success is guaranteed is to use dedicated individually translated pages of text, this requires a dedicated web application and administration system, and the administrative time and commitment to fulfil successfully. Perhaps Google Translate could work for you?

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