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Web site design has progressed rapidly over recent years, driven both by the wider diversity of technology available on the internet and the the ever evolving education and demands of the web surfer. To meet the modern demands of powerful web applications it is now essential that a web site is developed by suitably qualified personnel who have the knowledge to deliver robust and reliable web applications. Hallyards web services in Scotland have evolved from a qualified Software Engineering background, we understand the fundamentals of developing, maintaining and delivering robust, safe, secure web software.

We specialise in deploying and integrating open source technologies to fulfil most of our clients on-line requirements.  Having experience of both open source and proprietary web technologies it is our view that there are few, if any, advantages in using proprietary technologies, however the most common and best known disadvantage is cost!

Take a look through our web site development features on the left, here we have outlined our programme of website development. Have a look through our web site and get in touch if you think we can help you via Contact Us.





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Dedicated Management

Web Server Management with ease, business requires dedicated focus, our web space management service allows you to concentrate on your field of expertise.

Web Server Management

Mobile Web Site Design

With 20% of web browsing now viewed through a mobile device, isn't it time you had a Mobile Web Design Strategy?

Make your Web Site IPhone friendly today!


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