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Mobile Web Site Design

Mobile devices have been with us for over twenty years now, long gone are the days when mobile meant carrying your Mobile in a small suitcase - thankfully!!  WAP technology has been with us for over ten years and now, with the proliferation of the Smart phones such as Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia, Sony Eriksson and Samsung which are capable of providing practical and comparable browsing experiences to the PC over the internet via 3g and Wifi, we now have to cater for the Mobile device in web design and development.

Take a look at our site Hallyards.com through a smart phone, we have introduced a simplified structure which makes the experience easier to use and quicker to download.

Please get in touch today to discuss whether we can help you Mobilise your web site via our contacts page here!




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Dedicated Management

Web Server Management with ease, business requires dedicated focus, our web space management service allows you to concentrate on your field of expertise.

Web Server Management

Mobile Web Site Design

With 20% of web browsing now viewed through a mobile device, isn't it time you had a Mobile Web Design Strategy?

Make your Web Site IPhone friendly today!


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