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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation has been the buzz word for getting your site noticed since the onset of the internet revolution in the late 1990's. We believe we offer an affordable Search Engine Optimisation option and understand the key and important requirements to get your site noticed in this highly competitive sector.

All of our websites are developed in such a way that makes it easier for Search Engines to analyse. The wider issue of optimising the site for improvement of search engine ranking is a separate discipline and requires several different approaches to improve on site search engine ranking performance.  Our approach does not rely at all on costly Google Adwords but uses a thorough set of analyses procedures to generate the key information required to improve website ranking.

'How quickly will my site go up the rankings?' Customer expectations are always high when SEO has been applied and much depends on the competitiveness of the market. A web site with low competition will respond quickly and could be at the top of the rankings within a few days, however a high traffic website is more likely to take a few months to start creeping up the rankings. It is commonplace for SEO marketing companies to claim that customers should not expect results from SEO for 6 weeks, this used to be the case thanks to Search Engine spidering frequency limitations, however nowadays thanks to changes in the market demographic, search algorithms are much changed and spidering much more frequent.

Let us analyse your site today and we will give you a competitive quotation for SEO which will bring persistence to your Search Engine placement and ranking. Contact us here!




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Mobile Web Site Design

With 20% of web browsing now viewed through a mobile device, isn't it time you had a Mobile Web Design Strategy?

Make your Web Site IPhone friendly today!


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