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Web or Internet Marketing

On-line marketing now commands more advertising revenue in the UK than television such is the power of the internet. However, on-line marketing is significantly different to TV advertising which stems from how they are broadcast and hence how they target their respective audience.  Web marketers have to actively drive traffic to their web site, so how do you do that?

Nearly 85% of internet surfing traffic is currently started through search engines(Brandweek) , however this statistic is being eroded as a recent increase in mobile surfing into social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Myspace, they are likely to continue to reduce this statistic as they are perfect examples of successfully creating an online nodal marketing point.

So how do you target your niche on-line successfully with this all going on? There is no "silver bullet" for success, however there are several SEO and web marketing techniques which, when employed strategically, will attract more vistors to your site.  We can help your business draw up and deploy a successful on-line marketing strategy.

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Mobile Web Site Design

With 20% of web browsing now viewed through a mobile device, isn't it time you had a Mobile Web Design Strategy?

Make your Web Site IPhone friendly today!


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